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The Conservancy land acquisition method is based upon cooperation between landowners and the community.  The Conservancy is independent of the City of Sierra Madre and has no power of eminent domain.


Since the Conservancy operates exclusively for charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, substantial tax benefits may accrue to a participating landowner.  Depending on the size and condition of the donation, sale,  or easement, a property owner may realize income tax, estate tax, and/or property tax benefits.  Consultation with a tax specialist is recommended.


The three  most common methods that can be used, singly or in combination, by the Conservancy to attain our land acquisition objectives are the following:


  •           Voluntary land donation by an owner.

  •           Purchase of land at fair market (appraised) value on a “willing seller-willing buyer” basis.

  •           Arrangement of a “conservation easement” by which the landowner retains ownership but agrees to manage the                 land in perpetuity exclusively for conservation purposes, such as protection of wildlife habitat or scenic enjoyment.


Associate membership is open to the public at $20.00 per year.  Currently, the greatest benefit of your membership is the satisfaction of knowing that your support assists a dedicated group of volunteer citizens in their efforts to create lasting protection for Sierra Madre’s foothills.  We seek to be alert to all possibilities of ac-quiring suitable foothill properties through purchase, donation, or conservation ease-ment.  We host community forums but do not publish a newsletter.  Gifts in your chosen amount are welcomed!


Your contribution to the Conservancy is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will help to further our objectives of land acquisition, stewardship, and education.       






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Enclosed is my contribution as an Associate Member of the Sierra Madre Mountain Conservancy, or my gift:



$20.00/year Associate Membership, or gift


Please send your check payable to:

Sierra Madre Mountain Conservancy

Box 614, Sierra Madre, CA 91025

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