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Sierra Madre Open Space

We received a generous donation of 40 acres of pristine hillside property from the Jan Maddox Family Trust.  The donors said, “We bought our 40 acres to preserve it during our life-time, and now that the Sierra Madre Mountain Conservancy has been established, we have the opportunity to preserve it in perpetuity.”


Worked with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to sponsor Proposition A, the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Act.  With voter approval of this Act in November 1992, SMMC became eligible for $3.1 million for land acquisition.  Through Proposition A funding, the Conservancy bought seven parcels of land that total approximately 120 acres in the Sierra Madre foothills.


A member of our Board sits on the Advisory Board of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, furthering our participation in land conservation and acquisition efforts throughout the region.  SMMC is the eastern-most segment of the Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor, a state open-space program, protecting trailheads in urban settings.


We received a grant from the Department of the Interior National Park Service for trails  programs and research in 2003.

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